Organization of Romanian Americans

Mission Statement


Our mission is to establish the Organization of Romanian Americans (“ORA”) as the premier organization in the world dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of Romanians and the Romanian community within the United States.

In achieving our purpose, ORA will be driven by the following guiding principles.

Unity:   Embrace diversity as an essential element in the way we operate and to create an environment free of religious, political and ethnic divides.

Respect:   Recognize the equality of all our members and to treat each other with dignity and the highest regard.

Integrity:  Honesty and openness in all of our operations and dealings not only within our organization but also everyone with whom we work.

Passion:  Pride ourselves on demanding the highest standards of excellence in everything we do and on being aggressive advocates for Romanians and our community.

Ownership: Develop enthusiastic members and the understanding that our organization belongs to the Romanian community and is reflection upon us.