Organization of Romanian Americans

About ORA


The Organization of Romanian Americans (“ORA”) was formed in April 2008 as a non-profit public benefits corporation in the State of California with the express purposes of advancing the interests of Romanians and our community within the United States while at the same time striving to expose and educate Romanians and the general public about Romanian culture, music, arts, cuisine, history, scientific and technological achievements, etc…

For years, countless members of the Romanian community expressed the immense need for an energetic organization committed to the zealous advocacy our community’s interests.  Accordingly, a group of dedicated Romanians – with the help of others closely associated with the Romanian community – assumed the responsibility of forming ORA and developing the foundation for our future success.

ORA strives to develop mutually beneficial relationships in which everyone involves profits, and to remain steadfast in following our guiding principles of unity, respect, integrity, and passion to create an environment of professionalism and success, and to achieve our goals.

As such, ORA requests that those who share our values and unswerving desire to serve and advance the position of Romanians and our community within the United States, to contact us and become involved in what we believe will be the foremost organization of its kind.